Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 4G LTE update to Android 5.0.2 reportedly appears in KIES

Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 4G LTE update to Android 5.0.2 reportedly appears in KIES
Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 have yet to be officially introduced (that is expected to take place next week), the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 reportedly has a firmware update waiting for it on Samsung's KIES in Germany. The update is for the SM-T815, which happens to be the 4G LTE version of the tablet, and takes the device to Android 5.0.2.

Yesterday, we passed along an image alleged to be a press render of the Galaxy Tab S2. At 5.4mm, both the 8-inch and 9.7-inch versions of the slate will be the thinnest tablets produced to date, and will be powered by the same Exynos chipset found inside the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

The update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 will apparently take the tablet to firmware version T815XXU1AOG5. If the report is legit, it can be considered a huge confirmation that the ultra-thin tablets are indeed on the way.

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source: YouMobile.org

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Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch
  • Display 9.7" 1536 x 2048 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 2.1 MP front
  • Processor Samsung Exynos 7 Octa, Octa-core, 1900 MHz
  • Storage 64 GB + microSDXC
  • Battery 5870 mAh



1. f_guy

Posts: 4; Member since: Apr 06, 2015

ro.product.model=SM-T815 ro.product.brand=samsung ro.product.name=gts210ltexx ro.product.device=gts210lte ro.product.board=universal5433 # ro.product.cpu.abi and ro.product.cpu.abi2 are obsolete, # use ro.product.cpu.abilist instead. ro.product.cpu.abi=armeabi-v7a ro.product.cpu.abi2=armeabi ro.product.cpu.abilist=armeabi-v7a,armeabi ro.product.cpu.abilist32=armeabi-v7a,armeabi ro.product.cpu.abilist64= ro.product.manufacturer=samsung ro.product.locale.language=en ro.product.locale.region=GB ro.wifi.channels= ro.board.platform=exynos5 # ro.build.product is obsolete; use ro.product.device ro.build.product=gts210lte # Do not try to parse description, fingerprint, or thumbprint ro.build.description=gts210ltexx-user 5.0.2 LRX22G T815XXU1AOG5 release-keys ro.build.fingerprint=samsung/gts210ltexx/gts210lte​:5.0.2/LRX22G/T815XXU1AOG5:user/release-keys ro.build.characteristics=tablet # Samsung Specific Properties ro.build.PDA=T815XXU1AOG5 ro.build.hidden_ver=T815XXU1AOG5 ro.config.rm_preload_enabled=0 ro.build.changelist=5356263 ro.product_ship=true ro.chipname=exynos5433

2. MDave

Posts: 210; Member since: Apr 09, 2015

Exynos 5433? Samsung has to be joking.

3. Clars123

Posts: 1078; Member since: Mar 16, 2015

the Exynos 5433 is the only 64-bit samsung chip that still supports expandable storage...the ones used in the tab S and Note 4 were locked in 32-bit mode

4. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

That's quite disappointing yes but the only saving grace is that there is a chance that it still might out bench the GS6 due to the bigger battery/footprint reducing thermal throttling and the fact that a 64 bit version of the 5433 might be crazy still. But I am guessing they just have too many Note 4 chips lying around and all the higher end Exynos chips will be used for the GS6. The bigger question is...which is the better choice between the Exynos 5433 vs the SD808. I think the 5433 is probably slightly better with 64 bit mode enabled.

6. Ruturaj

Posts: 1484; Member since: Oct 16, 2014

5433 is was and is better in 32 bit mode.

5. Tondern

Posts: 164; Member since: Feb 23, 2015

Exynos 5433 that's what I've been telling people for weeks, it's all there in geekbench, and it's locked in 32-bit btw. Same SoC as in their 1 year old tablet with stupid 4:3 lower resolution screen. NOT buying.

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