Ultra Mobile outs Data My Way: control loading speeds and combat those pesky autoplay vids

Ultra Mobile, a virtual operator that piggybacks off T-Mobile's Un-carrier network, has been growing leaps and bounds lately, as its tailor-made offerings have become ever more enticing the few years of existence. It caters to those who call abroad frequently, as it offers cheap or free international calling and text, so it is very popular among Hispanics and expats living in the US.

Its newest offer is called Data My Way, and lets Ultra Mobile and Univision Mobile subscribers pick three tiers - "Super Saver," "Optimized," and "Full Speed." The premise is that you might hit play on a YouTube video inadvertently, or have one of those annoying autoplay vids start out of the blue, and in the few seconds you are trying to stop them, your data allotment flows freely in preloading parts of the video you won't ever watch.

In order to prevent that, you might want to choose the "Optimized" tier, which would play videos in resolutions optimized for mobile screens, and load it at portions that are closer to real-time viewing. The "Super Saver" load speeds are for those who don't use much multimedia in their daily Internet routines, while "Full Speed" will keep things unrestricted as they are. The new Data My Way option of Ultra Mobile will default automatically to the "Optimized" option, and you can choose one of the other two from your account management portal.



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