USPTO awards Apple a patent for its VR headset designed for smartphones

USPTO awards Apple a patent for its VR headset designed for smartphones
The USPTO has awarded a patent to Apple for a device called a "Head-Mounted Display Apparatus For Retaining A Portable Electronic Device With Display." In simple terms, this is a VR headset for smartphones. The phone being used is plugged into a jack, and connects to the front of the headset.

The headset accounts for the lenses, a touchpad, a proximity sensor, home and back buttons, and a wheel that is used to focus the image better. The phone controls the touchpad and the buttons once the handset is plugged into the headset. Additionally, sound comes from the speaker on the phone. Apple's patented VR headset is designed for phones with screens that are considered small by today's standards. Those using a model with a large display will end up viewing the VR content in a size smaller than the screen, and possibly in a lower resolution.

The phone has built-in earphones that are threaded through the arms of the glasses, and head straps are included to keep the unit in place when in use. Ports and jacks allow external devices to be connected, and there are buttons to adjust the display, volume and navigation. Just underneath the lenses is where the headset will carry the processor, sensors, memory, circuitry and a battery that can be charged. One of the sketches included with the USPTO documentation shows someone holding a remote control device. The patent number is 9,482,869. 

Apple already has fallen behind its rivals when it comes to VR headsets. For example, the Samsung Gear VR is a headset similar to the one that Apple has received this patent for. Samsung already has had the device in the marketplace for nearly a year.

source: USPTO via DigitalTrends
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