Which state has the fastest LTE download speeds? These maps show where US carriers placed their coverage bets

The Mid-Atlantic is a hot zone for mobile download speed in the US
Hot on the heels of the Android vs iOS distribution comes a state-by-state report by OpenSignal, this time of average download and upload speeds. Did you know that North Dakota excels in uploads as in third place before New York? Didn't think so, but when it comes to download speeds, Verizon's New Jersey remains king, swapping places with the second - District of Columbia - for uploads only.

Overall, the Boston-to-Washington coastal corridor takes the cake in the rankings, as it is home to 50 million people concentrated in a fairly small for the American standards area. Carriers have been saturating it for years with towers and upgrades, so it is no wonder that the northeastern states are ahead in the download game. Every state in the Eastern Seaboard and the mid-Atlantic region (except Ohio) averaged 20+ Mbps downloads.

On the other hand, states with more dispersed and rural population sit at the bottom of the table yet the two Dakotas, for instance, sit very well both in the download and the upload rankings. Check out where your state ranks overall in the maps and charts below.

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