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UK residents who own a Note 7 won't be able to charge the phone past 30%

UK residents who own a Note 7 won't be able to charge the phone past 30%
The Galaxy Note 7 is, without a doubt, the most infamous phone of 2016. What could have been the best phone of the year turned out to be the most hazardous, resulting in not one, but two recalls. At the time of this writing, it's been around two months since Samsung officially pulled the plug on the Note 7, but despite those 60+ days, there are still Note 7 devices out in the wild that have yet to be handed over to the company. According to Samsung, around 10% of Note 7 handsets that were sold in Europe are still in the hands of consumers. This poses a safety hazard, and in an attempt to get remaining owners of the phone to finally exchange their handset for a different one, Samsung has announced that they'll be rolling out a software update to Note 7's in the United Kingdom that will limit them to charging to only 30% of the internal battery capacity.

If you've been following the news recently, then you're aware that this isn't the first move Samsung has made over the past few days to try and kill off any and all remaining Note 7 units. Note 7 smartphones in the United States will receive a software update on December 19th that will prevent them from charging entirely, and December 15th will see Note 7 handsets in Canada no longer being able to connect to cellular networks in the country. With these two main countries taking similar steps, it's no surprise that the UK is receiving similar treatment.

As per Samsung -

These recent moves by Samsung make it quite evident that the manufacturer will do anything in its power to stop Note 7 units from being used, and while some may see these actions as a bit too harsh, it's a simple issue of safety on Samsung's end. The company has faced enough trouble throughout 2016 as is. The last thing that ole Sammy needs is to have someone get injured by a smartphone of their's that is recalled.

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