UK and EU users can now officially download Google's ChatGPT alternative, Gemini

UK and EU users can now officially download Google's ChatGPT alternative, Gemini
Google's Gemini (which used to be called Bard) is the company's generative AI chatbot and assistant. It's now going to expand its availability and is now available for download in the UK and the European Union. Android users can now download it from the Play Store.

Initially, it was said that Gemini would go global in early May. However, the European region did not get the Gemini app, unless you find it from a third-party app store. Most likely, the delay was due to regulatory considerations.

Now the rollout should begin across the European continent. It first debuted in the U.S. in February, and it's been broadening its user base since.

On top of that, if you're a Google Pixel owner, you can seamlessly switch from Google Assistant to Gemini, and you will be able to activate Gemini by voice with the "Hey Google" prompt. Keep in mind though that if you switch to Gemini, some of the features that Assistant handled will be disabled (so no smart home integration for Gemini just yet).

Bard, Gemini's predecessor, also got a delayed start in the EU previously. Probably, it's the same regulatory concerns that slowed it down.

Now, millions of people will be able to use Gemini and people in Europe and the UK won't feel left out anymore. This is great news, as generative AI has loads of benefits and can make your life easier. Of course, there's always trade-offs. Gemini will most likely completely replace Google Assistant soon.

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