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U.K. carrier EE to raise rates by 2.7% next month

U.K. carrier EE to raise rates by 2.7% next month
According to the terms and conditions on the contract signed by every EE customer in the U.K., the carrier has the right to raise the price of the service by the Retail Price Index (a metric that tracks inflation), with 30 days notice. With that in mind, EE has announced that it is raising the price of its current plans by 2.7%, starting on May 28th. That increase is for those who signed up with EE, on or before January 23rd. Those who joined EE after that date, or upgraded to a new contract in the last 30 days, will not have their rates increased.

EE also announced that some customers will see an increase in the price of some other charges. For example, the mobile operator is raising the overage rate tacked on to an account that exceeds monthly caps on voice calls, and text messages. Rates are also going up on calls to 08 numbers, international calls, and MMS. The carrier even has a calculator on its website, programmed to increase your rate plan by the 2.7% increase, so that you can compute your new monthly fee.

If you have a plan with the top rate of £74.99 a month ($124.32 USD), the increase is just £1.99 a month ($3.30 USD). EE customers haven't received notification yet of the price increase, but a text from the carrier should soon arrive.

source: EE via WPCentral
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