Twitter to add a 'save for later' feature called Bookmarks

Twitter to add a 'save for later' feature called Bookmarks
So let's say you have received a tweet from your cousin's best friend's dental hygienist's step son. In other words, it isn't an urgent bit of communications and in fact, you'd rather save it to read later. Right now, hitting the "Like" button is the only way to save the tweet, and by clicking on "Like," you might be giving a false impression about how you feel about this particular tweet.

Twitter has come up with a new feature called "Bookmarks" that will appear in the lists on the sidebar. In a demo that Twitter demonstrated last month, the user pressed the "..." icon and clicked on 'add to bookmarks.' That saved the tweet until the user was ready to read it.

At this point in time, there is no word on when we might see Bookmarks rollout to Twitter users world-wide. However, it is a useful feature that we're sure that Twitter fans will take advantage of once it has been officially added to the app.

source: @tinastsh via TheVerge


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1. GreenMan

Posts: 2697; Member since: Nov 09, 2015

About time, Twitter! Right now, I've to "LIKE" tweets from PhoneArena, for example, to keep a record of the articles I've commented in! It's a brilliant feature! All they have to do is give us an option of "bookmark" in the notification itself. And also, I think bookmarking should be anonymous, unlike likes! Speaking of likes, the 'like's list' should be arranged according to OUR interactions and not according to the time of the tweets. I once liked a tweet and it literally disappeared from my liked tweets! Turns out, that tweet was 2 year old and was at the very bottom of my liked list. So I've to "Re-Tweet" old tweets to keep a track of them which is just crazy! Oh well, G'Day!

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