Tweet claims that Motorola will change its policy on unlocked bootloaders as soon as Q3

Tweet claims that Motorola will change its policy on unlocked bootloaders as soon as Q3
About 5 months ago, a Twitter user by the name of Irwin Proud started a petition aimed at getting Motorola to unlock the bootloader on its devices. The 10,000 signatures collected by Mr. Proud was enough for Motorola to say that they "would look into it." Since then, we have heard nothing from Motorola-until now after Irwin spoke with the company on the phone.

After speaking  with Christy Wyatt, Vice President of Mobile Software for Motorola Mobility, it appears that the manufacturer is singing a new tune. Ms. Wyatt told Mr. Proud that Motorola is serious about listening to what everyone appears to want and has been working on a software update that will produce an unlockable/relockable bootloader on Motorola devices. The update is expected to be pushed out in the third or fourth quarter of this year. The company will be able to do this by building all of its Android devices from the same unlocked source code. Ms. Wyatt added that the company wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't so good at security.

The reason for the delay since Mr. Proud started his campaign all those months ago had to do with how each carrier had to make sure that the update would not only work, but also be safe and secure for customers. So which of Motorola's handsets will have its bootloader unlocked? Motorola says they have received positive feedback on the unlockable/relockable bootloader on the Motorola XOOM tablet and as a result, feels confident that each one of the company's future devices that gets an update in the future will also be getting its bootloader unlocked at the same time. In other words, any Motorola device expected to get an update in the second half of this year should end up with an unlocked bootloader. See, you can fightCity Hall.

source: AusDroid via Phandroid

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