Turn your phone into a microscope by taping a special lens over your handset's camera

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How would you like to turn your smartphone into a microscope using a process as easy as applying a Band Aid to a boo-boo. Currently in the process of raising money via Kickstarter, Blips is a stick-on lens that turns any smartphone into a digital microscope. There are actually two different lenses in each box. There is the .5mm thin Macro lens, and the 1.2mm thin Micro lens.

The Macro lens allows you to take HD photos with an optical magnification of about 10 times. The Micro lens turns your handset into a digital microscope that can detect details of about 1/7000 inch The basic kit gives you one Macro and one Micro lens along with two small sponges that are used to stabilize the focus. The premium Lab Kit can be used for educational purposes, for scientific studies, or just to mess around. It comes with a Macro and a Micro lens, a light source, a pair of sponges, a smartphone stage, and six prepared slides.

The basic kit priced at both $17 USD and $19 USD have both been sold out, and there is still a $23 tier available. The retail price will be $34 USD when the product launches in September. The Lab Kit is priced at $46 USD. It will retail for $68 USD. We know the product will launch because the target goal of $17,096 has nearly been doubled with another 38-days to go.

If you're into science, or just like photographing Macro close-ups and microscopic images, you will enjoy Blips. The sticky tape can be used over and over again. And Blips makes a great gift for the scientist in your life. If interested, click on the sourcelink.

source: Blips via Gizmodo

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