Turbo Camera for Windows Phone can shoot 30 photos per second, now on sale

Turbo Camera for Windows Phone can shoot 30 photos per second, now on sale
We recently wrote about this pretty neat Android app called Fast Burst Camera. As the name implies, it is used for capturing photos at higher rates than it stock software would allow  up to thirty shots per second on some devices. But is there something similar that Windows Phone users can download? Sure there is! The software is called Turbo Camera and it just recently reached the 250,000 downloads mark at the Windows Marketplace.

Under the right conditions, some faster Windows Phone handsets can take up to 30 photos each second with Turbo Camera. You may also pick the resolution, at which shots are being captured, with lower resolutions naturally resulting in faster performance. Another cool thing that the app can do is to create an animated .GIF file from your photos – perfect for sparking hilarity in those forum threads.

Turbo Camera for Windows Phone costs $1.99, but to celebrate the app's 250,000-th download, the developer has dropped its price to $0.99 for a limited time. The discount will be valid until the app's next major version is released, which is expected to happen within a few weeks. Those who are interested in grabbing the app can do so by following the source link below.

source: Turbo Camera (Windows Marketplace) via WPCentral

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