Touchscreen Philips X800 approved by the FCC

Touchscreen Philips X800 approved by the FCC
In the beginning of the month, the first evidence of a touchscreen Philips phone (the X800) appeared, thanks to leaked pictures. A week after that, another rendered image of what may be called the X-Connect and become the company’s first smartphone, showed. Although some sites claimed these got officially announced, there was no word from Philips itself.

Today, we got the first solid confirmation of the X800, thanks to its FCC approval. Since its manual mentions Chinese characters input and Chinese-English dictionary, we assume it will be designated to that market. Earlier information that it lacks EDGE was wrong, but it really doesn’t support 3G or WiFi.

The large touch display most probably has 240x400 pixels resolution and the camera is 2-megapixel. The memory is expanded through microSD cards (slot under the battery) and the interface is as the one on the leaked pictures, which looks nice.

An official announcement is still to come.

source: FCC



1. cesjr unregistered

to enter such competition in first time, a company should make sure that what it'll show off will be outstanding. .maybe to gather attention and not just to be the talk for a short while/

2. unregistered

agreed, they are probably smart to hold off on the announcement and let the buzz do the work for them, kind of like apple did with the iphone, just lets hope this is more successful

3. unregistered

according to the image above it says it has a slot for a stylus...WHY???? if its a touchsscreen....maybe you guys are right and they[re just creating a hype hopefully it'll work the more competition for the touch market the better

6. u Putz! unregistered

why would it not have a stylus??? most touchscreen phones require a stylus. get outta here lame-wad!

4. unregistered

damn iphone x800 (i dont understand why apple needs to give it such a strange and long name) looks hotttt hope it gets released in us soon,

7. unregistered

if ur trying to be funny, u have failed. And if ur serious....jeeez ur retarded. I guess u have never heard of Philips....its an electronics manufacturer, pretty big too. and like nikki said...there are far more longer names than x800. What are u even doing here?

9. unregistered

Wow, I am amazed at how many Iphone users think they are clever and just come off as retarded. I hope you know that all your friends hate you.

10. unregistered

yup i bet they do!

5. nikki unregistered

#4 it's not an iphone. It's made by Phillips. X800 is quite short for a name compared to the LG VX10000, Samsung SCH U550, Motorola RIZR Z6TV, etc. And to #3, it's a touchscreen, why WOULDN'T it need a stylus? Who wants to get fingerprints and smudges all over their new phone?

8. unregistered

Hmmmmmm, doesn't look too slick.

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