Philips is making an entry to the touchphone market?

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Philips is making an entry to the touchphone market?
Recently, a Chinese web site revealed a few images, which should show Philips’ new Xenium phone, modeled X800. It is a curvy candybar with a large touchscreen on its front, so it may be yet another attempt to take a part of the iPhone’s market share. There is no information on its specifications, but the phones of the Xenium line are known for their long battery life, so we can expect that from the X800. Obviously, it features a camera, WiFi, Internet browser and “a contemporary user interface”, as it can be seen in the photos. The Vodafone HK logo hints on a possible release with this carrier.

Philips Xenium X800 is not officially announced yet.

via: Gizmodo



1. singha unregistered

I think it says Vodafone "HK" not UK, which would mean Hong Kong

2. Heytretre unregistered

Yeah and isnt it obvious by the chinese characters on the photo. Are we not proofreading our articles PHONEARENA?

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

Still,the phone looks pretty cool

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