TomTom announces the Touch Cardio - a new fitness tracker for around $112


These days, fitness trackers are a dime-a-dozen. There are more than enough options to choose from, and no matter what kind of activity you're looking to track, there's something out there that should fit the bill. TomTom made its first foray into the fitness tracking world last year with the Touch, and the company is at it yet again with the newly announced Touch Cardio. However, while the name of the new fitness tracker may sound like an upgrade over 2016's model, it's actually a cheaper tracker that's lacking the Touch's main selling point.

With the original TomTom Touch, the highlight feature was the tracker's ability to create a complete and in-depth analysis of your body's composition. However, that feature is no more with the Touch Cardio. Instead, we're left with a pretty typical wearable that does everything you'd expect a modern fitness tracker to do. The TomTom Touch Cardio tracks all of your steps throughout the day, how many calories you've burned as a result of your physical activity, how many hours you slept the previous night, and how long you were active during a particular workout session. You'll also find an optical heart-rate sensor on the underside of the Touch Cardio, but in addition to keeping tabs on your heart throughout the day, it also helps the Touch Cardio deliver more precise readings on the calories you're actively burning. 

All of the information that the Touch Cardio records throughout the day can be viewed and interacted with on its OLED touchscreen display, and more detailed info can be found in the TomTom Sport companion app. The application has recently gone through a complete redesign, and along with an overall more pleasing look, it now allows you to share and compare your progress with friends and family members and view any trends in your activity that the Touch Cardio makes note of.

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If you're interested, TomTom has announced that the Touch Cardio will see a global launch next month in March for the cost of 89.99 BGP. This comes out to around $112 USD, making the Touch Cardio a good deal cheaper than last year's Touch. It may not be the most revolutionary tracker around, but it's definitely worth keeping your eye on if you're in the market for a new gadget to help keep you fit.

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