Tizen caught on camera running Android apps

Tizen caught on camera running Android apps
Recently, we've been seeing more and more of Tizen, the open-source mobile platform under development by Samsung and Intel, and the early indications are that it could be a nice system. Now, we're getting to see it running apps, Android apps in fact. Unfortunately, this video isn't quite as impressive as the others we've seen. 

The video shows a Tizen tablet running Android apps. This can't be done natively, but the company Open Mobile is working on a solution called the Application Compatibility Layer (ACL), which is intended to run Android apps as if they were native. As you can see in the video, the solution isn't 100% just yet as there is some lag and jitters in running the apps. Of course, this is a very early build of both the Tizen system, which isn't due to hit the open market until next year, and Open Mobile's ACL software so a lack of polish can be forgiven. 

Open Mobile is not planning to release ACL to end-users, and the software is designed so manufacturers can choose whether or not to include it when building Tizen devices. Of course, in the world of open-source, it seems likely that if you really want the ACL software, there should be a way to get it. 

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