Timely is a time and alarm app you'll enjoy every second of using

If there was a beauty contest for alarm/clock apps, Timely would have won Mr/Mrs Universe. If Apple had invented it for iOS 8, Timely's keynote at WWDC would have sounded like "great, really awesome, gorgeous, best ever" for 10 minutes straight. If it was your wife, you'd lock her in a tower. It's that good-looking, but by miracle of competent design, Timely isn't style over substance. It's a time app you can actually use while enjoying every second of it. Not that its ridiculously pretty visuals would make waking up in the morning any more pleasant, but we're afraid there's no app for that.

So, what is it about Timely that got us, like, soooo into it? Open the app, and you will be welcomed by its three panels. The center panel is a good old-fashioned clock. It overlays the time in hours, minutes, and seconds, along with the date on a colorful, dynamic background. That's all there's to it - or is it? Thanks to Timely's customization options, you can make this, and the other two panels truly your own. You can select a new watch-face and choose a background theme from a wide selection. Each theme looks great thanks to vivid colors and smart use of translucency. Some of them resemble the colors of a well-prepared cocktail, while others look ever-so psychedelic. Either way, you'll struggle to find a look you definitely dislike.

What about Timely's other panels? On the left is the alarm. Simply swipe from the left, move the selector to your desired time of the day, and ogle its smooth, effortless movement. You'll notice that the hours are available only in 30 minute intervals, but don't worry - simply tap the hour twice, and you'll be able to fine-tune the digits. After setting an alarm, you can change its sound and add a "challenge" to it in case you are the extra-sleepy type - like shaking your phone, or solving a puzzle to stop it from ringing. The built-in sounds are pretty good, but surely there's no such thing as a pleasing alarm sound - they are meant to take you out of your warm bed, not have you laying there in peace and listening to birds chirping, or whatever.

Finally, the third panel is a stopwatch/timer combo. You choose between the two by literally flipping the watchface - how cool is that? Both of them look sleek and futuristic, and are very simple to use.

Let's not forget the Settings menu. It gives you control over the alarm fade-in length, snooze duration, graphics effects intensity and some other tweaks. Like we said, Timely is an app to make your own. Go ahead and try the free version from Google Play.

Developer: BitspinDownload: Android
Genre: LifestylePrice: Free (with in-app purchases)



1. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

I have mixed feelings with Timely, yes, it is beautiful and has an incredibly intuitive interface, but I've also experienced some issues with the app, BIG issues with the app. I have to wake up before the rest of the world to get ready for work, and I'm anything but a morning person so I have 4 alarms set. Well, Timely has been a bit inconsistent with actually playing all 4 alarms, there have been many instances where one of the alarms will fail to go off and I'll end up staying in bed far longer than I should because I'm waiting for that final alarm to sound... You might say that I should be getting out of bed on the first alarm, but that doesn't change the fact that this app is flawed and needs a bit of work to ensure that there's nothing keeping alarms from sounding when they should.

2. chocowii

Posts: 478; Member since: Jan 30, 2014

Dude dont blame the app. Timely works perfect on my Nexus 7. You should get a consistent sleep pattern and your body will adjust perfectly. If everything fails go see a doctor. Timely helps you wake up, the app will not wake you up. Watch this video and the links in the description will help. Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?:http://youtu.be/P6zcSFA7ymo The Sleep Test:http://youtu.be/7YtD86bio5U

3. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Dude, I'm glad that it works perfectly on your device, but that doesn't make my statement any less true. Like I said, I should get out of bed on the first alarm, but that doesn't change the fact that the app STILL FAILS to sound every alarm that I set. This is an inconsistent issue, meaning that it doesn't happen all the time. Some times they all sound, sometimes they do not. Each alarm is configured identically, I made sure they're all set in the AM and all set to go off on the same days of the week. I still love the app, but it's not without its frustrating moments.

4. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Also I don't just use the alarms for waking up, I set alarms to remind me to perform certain tasks throughout the day... And every once in a great while, it wont go off. Though I will admit that I do need to work on having a better sleep pattern.

7. chocowii

Posts: 478; Member since: Jan 30, 2014

Is that so? If that app behaves that way maybe you installed some automatic app killer or one of the apps do that. You know, that RAM cleaner thingies, the one that hibernates apps at deep sleep. Also Greenified Timely doesnt work at all. Check your system. Again if all else fails, then Timely is not for you.

11. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

I use advanced task killer, but I do not have anything that kills apps automatically, so I suspect that that's not the cause... though it has crossed my mind. I also never heard of Greenified Timely so I doubt that I have that.

5. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

Interesting. I generally use my home alarm. But, when I am away, I love this app. However, I admit that I haven't used more than one settng to wake me up. I will need to keep an eye on this flaw. John B.

6. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Well, chocowii above swears by the app so... I think unless you have issues yourself, keep using it. It's not completely impossible that my phone or other software for whatever reason could be impacting the performance of the app, though I find it highly unlikely. Still, this issue is not something that I've read elsewhere on the web so it might be possible that the issue I'm experiencing it unique to an extreme minority of users.

9. AfterShock

Posts: 4146; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

I use multi alarm to wake as well, shift work. Haven't used Timely in two or three months because of its own built in lag just opening the app. Before Google got interested in them that is. On your subject of it failing to work the alarms in succession, I'm wondering if the snooze cycle didn't over ride the next alarms launch correctly?

12. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

That is actually a thought I had... It's possible that or the smart rise setting could impact that... but it's also happened in the middle of an afternoon where I set a single alarm and it doesn't sound... Once again though, I want to state that this happens very rarely.

8. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

I use this app too and on occasion it has failed me. But that happens only 0,01% of the time (rough estimate ;)). What I do like, is that it syncs the alarms on every Android device I have and if I snooze or dismiss an alarm on one device, it automatically does this on the others as well (provided they have internet)

13. Scott93274

Posts: 6038; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

So I'm not the only one with an issue, what phone do you use? I have the Moto X on Verizon.

14. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

The phone that sometimes doesn't ring, is a Nexus 5. The other devices it never skipped an alarm

10. bestmvno

Posts: 251; Member since: Mar 07, 2014

I think the app is terrible. No updates, and limited options and can't use my own ringtones and sounds I'd actually prefer to use. What good is a nice UI if it lacks functionality?

15. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

Limited options? True, you can't choose your own ringtone, I found that a big minus as well. But limited options? Hardly the case. What functionality do you miss in this app that other alarm apps do have? Apart from your own ringtone?

17. bestmvno

Posts: 251; Member since: Mar 07, 2014

From purely an alarm clock perspective, a lack of being able to chose your own ringtones/alarm sounds makes it unusable for me. I find alarmpad to be nearly ideal for me and it adds in theory limitless functionality compared to Timely as I'll describe below. I like its interface. I like being presented with local pictures of my city as a background at wakeup, as well as being presented with a list of events I have planned for the day and the current weather conditions and forecast for the day. You also have the ability to develop your own extensions for use with alarmpad so you can have limitless function that way. The only thing I find alarmpad missing is I'd like the widgets to be able to open up the full app.

18. bestmvno

Posts: 251; Member since: Mar 07, 2014

Calling Timely terrible is probably a bit harsh. It is more accurate and better for me to say it does not meet my needs and I find better options out there.

20. Firedrops

Posts: 254; Member since: Sep 06, 2011

same here. I actually refused to believe that Timely really didn't allow for custom music pieces, and that I was being an idiot for not finding it. Can't be that hard of a functionality to add, since most other alarms apps can do it.

22. chocowii

Posts: 478; Member since: Jan 30, 2014

I believe Timely uses its own ringtones in a scientific way. Their tones have high pitched sounds, which your brain cant hardly ignore and may really woke you up in the process. Using other tones might break Timely's functionality and the devs dont like that.

16. bestmvno

Posts: 251; Member since: Mar 07, 2014

comments deleted

19. apple4never

Posts: 1064; Member since: May 08, 2013

timely is amazing, i love it i have the full version and it makes for a great daydream app too

21. gomulkaaa

Posts: 42; Member since: Sep 02, 2011

It's beyond annoying that the interface allows for the alarm times to be set only in increments of 5 minutes! Granted, you can set times precisely, but it's really annoying to navigate to the additional menu and configure an extra option. I set a couple of alarms, both apart from each other by something other than 5 minutes so that I may snooze for both. I can't set this as easily because of the 5-minute increments.

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