Time traveler using cell phone captured in 1928 video of Chaplin premiere?

Time traveler using cell phone captured in 1928 video of Chaplin premiere?
There are stories that make the hair on the back of your neck stick straight up. Like the so-called ghost image of a kid who supposedly shot himself and can be viewed in some apartment scene in the movie "Three Men and a Baby". Of course, that was debunked when it was brought out that the scene was filmed on a sound stage and the image was nothing more than a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson that was made for a deleted scene from the flick.

What about the photo that allegedly shows Lee Harvey Oswald glancing at the Presidential motorcade from the doorway of the Texas School Book Deepository at roughly the same time he is said to be firing the fatal shots? That too, turned out to be false as the photo was of TSBD worker Billy Lovelady (who did, in fact, bare an uncanny resemblance to Oswald).
When something shows up that can not be explained, it changes our way of thinking until an answer is found. Take the video below which shows the crowd at the 1928 Grauman's Chinese Theater debut of Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus". It appears as though a lady in the crowd (or a man in drag) is using a cell phone as the device is put up to her ear. Now, we have all seen some amazing apps, but we don't think that a time traveling one has been developed at this moment. For what it's worth, in 1928 the Galvin Manufacturing Co. was founded. The name of that company today? Motorola.

source: ledger-enquirer

A non-cellphone forum was discussing the video clip of the "time traveler" and someone posted these pictures below of hearing aids used in the 1920's. They were placed up to the ear in order for the person to hear. Of course, it doesn't explain her talking into the slab-like object in her hand!



57. luis unregistered

UFO communicator as alien life forms walk among us & studying us since aliens put us on this planet.

56. Diog unregistered

First and foremost, I would like to call this Out. This is NOT a Cellphone. Think about this... Lets say that she WAS talking to someone. And lets say for a flipping-minute she has a Cellphone from 'the future', which is our Present.. And if it was a Cellphone, wouldn't it Require a Cellphone Tower to Work???? I'd say it was some kind of Voice Recorder, or possibly an early Walkie-Talkie of some sort. A Cellphone put in the 1920's wouldn't Work, because they has no Cellphone Towers then!!!! So there are about 3 Distinct Possibilities: 1) She is using a Hearing Aid, and talking to her self for unexplained personal reasons. [Listening to the Environment or Static??] 2) She is using a type of Communication Device, similar to a Walkie-Talkie and seeing how far its Range would go away from the Shop near by. 3) She is testing some sort of Experimental Communications Device, similar to a Walkie-Talkie that is working for a Secret Agency, Government spy, or possibly a Visitor from another world. [They did ALLOT of this on Star Trek!!] The 4th Possibility of being a Time Traveler is completely false, unless this IS NOT a Cellphone, but a specialized Communications Device that works more like a 2-way Radio to another person. [Which is sort of like #2 & #3 above...]

55. neomatrix94 unregistered

did neone notice that u can see rite thru her at sum points...CREEPPYY!!

54. Duc unregistered

Possible it could have been a walkie talkie. AT&T Bell Labs developed a video phone back in 1927, so it's possible someone was using something revolutionary back then. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videophonehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walkie_talkie

53. t0k3ndr01d unregistered

did anyone once stop and think that the biggest thing of that time era was probably fm radio and it could have been someone listening to a show or ball game on the radio and got mad at what the announcer had to say and was talking back about like some of us today yell at the tv when our favorite team misses a intercept or a pass?

52. bling bling unregistered

my biggest concern.......what phone she is using??????

50. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

im not argueing for "time trravel" but i am argueing ppl's stance on "there were no towers".... lol... So? there is no time travel? or, maybe it was a bluetooth conversation... you DONT need towers for that. could have been a bluetooth conversation by two time travellers 10 miles apart. or, lo and behold, the tech that they usaed to time travel also indicates new tech in time travel. maybe he was leaving a voice to text gps tage of his location :P also, no one noticed the guy walking infront. be put something in his pocket as he walked by the front of the statue..... i think it was a can openner.... which ALSO wasn't invented in 1928.

49. strange unregistered

it looks more like a man...and i cannot really see the phone but a black object. It looks like w c field in drag. It could just be a mad person talking to himself. But its very strange and interesting...

48. trebor unregistered

think .....matrix????? the used cell phones to talk while in cyber space

47. call me john unregistered

The device being talked into in the video has the capabilities of a cell phone and a walkie-talkie all in and has much more features as well. The device has the ability to communicate in much longer distances than modern day walkie-talkies . Alfred J. Gross and the future research at Motorola lead to advances in distance. Thats all im comfortable disclosing.

46. call me john unregistered

Let me clarify and answer some questions at the same time.The she in the video is really a he. Typically some time travelers are sent back in groups. The person in the video is communicating with another traveler who arrived in the same group. The travelers appearance in the video was on purpose and had meaning behind it. Just think about 2013. Since there communicating with each other there is no need for a tower or satellite. I assure this is not the first. There are people whole want this reveal to be covered up as soon as possible. The device being used is a bit more advanced than the modern day cell phone. Videos like this tend to get edited out videos or completely destroyed.

45. im right unregistered

One more, it may have been an actress acting out she was on the phone before the show. Maybe in the show someone whom looks just like her is on the phone. Check that out.

44. im right unregistered

It can't be a cell phone. What would have been more ridiculous is how one would have been able to work. There were no cell phone towers back then. Also there were no satellites. Furthermore, whom would she be able to talk to if neither of those existed? Is it a phone which can speak to people back in the future? Considering that backwards time travel is virtually impossible in the first place, probably not. I think we relate to something so innocent so well because we now see that gesture all the time and immediately recognize it means someone is talking on the phone. Have you ever had your hand on the back of your neck, frustrated while walking and speaking out your frustrations out loud? Just think that the right answer is probably the most logical. Coincidence. Do your research on backwards time travel first. Then think about the simplest answer is usually the right one. You can start with "the grandfather affect" of time travel. That's a good start.

43. Diddy unregistered


41. Kyle unregistered

http://www.phonearena.com/image.php?m=Articles.Images&f=name&id=34229&name=ha.jpg&caption=&title=Ima ge+from+%22Time+traveler+using+cell+phone+captured+in+1928+video+of+Chaplin+premiere%3F%22&kw= Look at aht, pictures of hearing aids from 1920, she was probably holding it to her ear to find out if it worked, and she was talking to see if she could hear herself. She smiled at the end because she could hear, she was happy :P simple.

38. x unregistered

maybe they had thought of the idea and just pretended to have one not knowing that one day there really could be one

37. kt unregistered

36. ya boy unregistered

maybe it was just a like important gov't person from back then and he isnt a time traveler, cuz the governement always has crazy stuff like that, they just didnt have the need to make it public. then again it is a billion dollar industry but they probally didnt have the technology to support networks back then only like private ones like the one in the video.

35. Maverick unregistered

Well besides time travel, maybe that really is a hearing aid device that she is talking into to adjust the volume on it. I'm not sure how those things worked but if you could adjust the amplification on it, then I would assume you would talk into it to see if it's on the right level for you so you could adjust it as your speaking. But......I love the time travel thing and I love this clip - there is such an eeriness to it - I love the thought of it. We'll never know for sure...heck, we can't even determin if its a man or a woman so........(I'm thinking man - feet and looks like kind of hairy back of hand)(although I had a grandmother who looked like that). I'd like people to just at least write cell phone (time traveler)/other and add man/women to their comments. Someone needs to digitally clean this up and zoom this footage. She looks like she says "I saw that" but........

34. dave1 unregistered

This is a person who is a time traveller with a cell phone. They were sent back in time and landed on this movie set, a man in drag as a woman or a transvestite around age 55. The time traveller was aware of his surroundings and used a cell phone to communicate with the people that sent him there, who exist in about the year 2050.

33. dave1 unregistered

This is a person who is a time traveller with a cell phone. They were sent back in time and landed on this movie set, a man in drag as a woman or a transvestite around age 55. The time traveller was aware of his surroundings and used a cell phone to communicate with the people that sent him there, who exist in about the year 2050.

32. nathan unregistered

maybe she is an alien?

31. bemz unregistered

if he/she really was a TIME traveller, he/she did not need towers/satellites , for probably, in the future, phones will no longer need these things.

30. shayan

Posts: 159; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

my theoris: 1- it is not a cellphone. there is no network. if even she IS from future, that must be some other kind of comiunicator. 2- she is from future, taking to another time travller, with somthing ike walkie- talkie. 3- she is an alien, talking to other aliens. 4- she is a spy. with high tech for that time, normal and outdated for our time. 4-1. spying charlie chaplins methods. 4-2. spying somthing else. 5- she wants to be on the movie. didnt know her voice cant be. 6- she was crazy. holding a brick next to her ears, talking to her self...

29. Kat unregistered

She didn't time travel from our time. She is from the future and cell towers are not needed.

28. NateC unregistered

Her behavior DOES match that of someone talking on a cell phone or other comm device. Ditto her posture and hand position. I've seen the hearing aids, but they do not explain the talking. Also, who would use a hearing aid on a busy street? I'm... reluctant to accept time travel as the only explanation. I'm not keen on alien visitation either. I suppose she could be a mannish foreign agent talking into a recording device, or maybe a radio to her operators at the embassy. That at least is within the realm of probability. There ARE foreign agents, they DO report to someone. So I'd much rather believe she was a German spy or something along those lines, or maybe a spy for one of Chaplin's rivals trying to ferret out his cinematographic techniques? It's a stretch, but no more (or probably less) than time travel or aliens. I'm gonna try to monitor this, see what others come up with.

27. teri unregistered

Did anybody notice that she is wearing old clothes(if she was a time traveler, why would she be wearing that?), and that the director of the movie i would have think that person would notice that she was talking, plus do you know how history contributes in time, like we know about the Boston tea party in the 1700's, why didn't this get more exposed then? No, i am not disagreeing with anybody, just a thought though......

26. kimmers unregistered

you just want to be on tv. Who the hell is this person supposedly from the future talking to then??? There were no satellites. Clearly this person is schizo or something... just another crazy runnin around...

25. JC unregistered

Tlaking with vigor? How can you tell this person is talking with vigor? Chewing gum, maybe. Could not have been from too far in the future because the world will end in 2012.

24. baldilocks

Posts: 1555; Member since: Dec 14, 2008

Someone that reads lips should see if they can interpret what he/she is saying.

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