Tim Cook orders retraining for all staff in the Australian Apple Store where six kids were tossed

Tim Cook orders retraining for all staff in the Australian Apple Store where six kids were tossed
The other day, we told you about an Apple Store in Australia where six black kids were told to leave after the staff feared that they might shoplift. Video of the incident was displayed over social media, and showed an Apple Store manager telling the teens that other staff members were worried that they might steal something. After the young men tried to present their side of the story, the manager cuts them off and has them leave.

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook ordered that the entire staff of this particular Melbourne based Apple Store be retrained on "inclusion and customer engagement." A copy of an email written by Cook and sent company-wide was obtained by Buzzfeed News. In it, he called the actions of the Apple Store employees involved in the incident, "unacceptable." He added that what happened  "does not represent our values." Speaking of the company's top executives, Cook wrote, "None of us are happy with the way this was handled."

There has been no official word from Apple about the status of the manager who was seen in the video talking to the kids. One person with knowledge of the situation said that the manager has not returned to the store since the night of the incident. What this means is open to interpretation.

For a company that prides itself on inclusion, this is a bitter pill to swallow. As Cook stated in his email, "Respect for our customers is the foundation of everything we do at Apple." You can read his entire message below.

source: Buzzfeed via TheGuardian


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