By changing his profile on Twitter, Tim Cook displays a sense of humor

By changing his profile on Twitter, Tim Cook displays a sense of humor
Yesterday, we told you that at a Board meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory, President Donald Trump called Apple CEO Tim Apple instead of Tim Cook. The executive might have considered that a complement since it shows that he has become the face of the company, which is quite an accomplishment since Steve Jobs is quite a hard act to follow.

At first, we really couldn't tell how Cook took the president's faux pas. The CEO maintained a straight face and there was no reaction on his part; in fact he didn't even manage a grin. If you watched the video showing what transpired, you might have thought that the executive didn't even hear what Trump called him.

Today, we learned a couple of things about Tim Cook; one, he did hear the president call him Tim Apple. And two, Tim Cook has a surprisingly good sense of humor. Today, on Cook's verified Twitter page (via Redmond Pie), he changed his last name to Tim (Apple logo).

The White House, possibly to eliminate what would appear to be an embarrassing mistake made by the president, manipulated the official transcript of the event. By adding a hyphen between Tim and Apple, the transcript makes it appear as though the president was calling Cook by his first name and then stating the name of the company he works for. So while the video shows that Trump called Cook "Tim Apple," the official transcript reads "Tim-Apple." 

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