This concept shows the hellish mashup of Windows 95 and Windows Phone

A YouTube genius has given us all what we never knew we wanted: a view into what it would have been like to get Windows 95 as a mobile OS. And, we don't mean that it's basically a look back at Windows CE which was originally released the year after Windows 95 and was an actual mobile OS, but more a what if Windows 95 were a modern-ish mobile OS.

We say modern-ish because while the hardware looks like a fine mid-range smartphone you'd find today, and the concept shows a Windows Phone inspired tile interface and an app store complete with Twitter, it's also pure and unfiltered Windows 95. There's Clippy, the endless grey windows with grey buttons, the old voice recorder, and a bunch of other teases of things you remember (fondly or not is up to you) about Windows 95. 

The real genius of the video though are the nods to nostalgia that clash so beautifully with modern sensibilities. For example, the mobile Internet Explorer has an error message; there are the spastic Steve Ballmer videos; and the odd way you might not realize what app you're in because it's all just grey on grey.

The video is courtesy of Kamer Kaan Avdan on his YouTube channel 4096. And if you enjoy this one, he's got some other good videos showing the evolution and history of Android, iPhones, Nokia phones and more. 

source: 4096


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