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This music video is filmed entirely on the Google Pixel 2

This music video is filmed entirely on the Google Pixel 2
John Legend’s latest music video is filmed entirely on the Google Pixel 2. The internet giant and the Academy Award-winning singer have previously partnered up a number of times, with their most recent encounter involving Legend starring in a Google Assistant ad earlier this year alongside his wife.

Now, though, in an attempt to show off the Google Pixel 2’s camera capabilities, the internet giant has partnered up with the singer once again in order to film his latest music video, A Good Night, on the device. Looking at the video itself, it’s pretty hard to tell that it wasn’t filmed on pro-level equipment, especially considering the vast majority of it appears to be have been acted out in low-light scenes, with only the final portion taking place in good lighting conditions. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the camera crew in charge of the video used a number of techniques in order to get the most out of the Pixel 2’s hardware. Also, a number of regular Google Pixel 2 units were utilized during the filming process alongside certain Pixel 2 XL units too, while the stock camera app was swapped out for a more advanced third-party one. In any case, some of the filming trickery used alongside this involved different lighting settings that improved the camera sensor’s performance and a number of different camera positions.

This is not the first time a smartphone company has partnered up to showcase its device's camera capabilities, however. After all, in recent times, it has become a trend in the industry to work with the likes of professional photographers and other companies in order to show off their latest devices. Apple, for example, saw its iPhone 6 used in the filming of a whole Modern Family episode back in 2015, while Huawei recently partnered up with photographer Helena Christensen in order to showcase its new Huawei P20 Pro.

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