This is my biggest concern about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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This is my biggest concern about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

As you probably already know, a bunch of reviewers, us included, have been using the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the past few days. And while we are still not ready with our full review as the device is undergoing a bunch of tests, I keep on coming back to one thought that I couldn’t quite get over. After using this phone for a short while, I am concerned about just how physically gigantic the new Note is.

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If you have the habit of carrying your phone in your pocket, this size is... a concern. While I do like the distinct appearance of the Note 20 Ultra with those signature squared off edges, that definitely does not add any comfort when the phone is lying around in your pocket.

On paper, the Note 20 Ultra is just barely bigger than last year’s already pretty gigantic Note 10 Plus. But in reality, because of the huge camera bump, larger dimensions, a bit of added thickness and weight, the overall feel is that the new Note is significantly bigger.

And while last year we had a true small sized Note that you could get, this year we don’t quite have that: the non-Ultra Note 20 is A. Just barely smaller, and B. a plastic phone without a 120Hz option. It almost seems like last year’s Note 10 still is a superior device compared to the newer Note 20 (even though the Note 10 now costs a lot less too, while it has double the storage!).

I am certain that many people will actually appreciate the slightly larger screen on the new Note, its slightly bigger battery and muuuch larger camera module that now comes with a long-range zoom. But I am also concerned that Samsung has gone over the size limits of very many people too. Samsung single-handedly establishes the large phone trend with the original Note, but remember we used to have that word “phablet”, referring to those bigger phones that felt like a tablet? In hindsight, those phones might have not quite deserved it. This new Note 20 Ultra however definitely does.

If you are after a super large phone with an extra large screen, however... treat youself. While for some the Note may be too big, it might also be a "finally" moment for others.

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