This iOS 10 Wish List concept is full of ideas we'd love to see at Apple's WWDC16 keynote


Designer Ralph Theodory has a knack for coming up with impressive "wish list" concept renders of current iOS versions. Last year, he did a banger of a job illustrating some iOS 9 feature proposals, and now – just hours away from Apple's WWDC 16 keynote – the man is back with a vengeance! The features in Ralph's iOS 10 Wish List concept are proposed by the Apple community, while the designer is responible for the true-to-life graphics that looks as if they are lifted from Apple's website.

Among the brighter ideas included here are multiple user accounts with separate TouchID fingerprints, a customizable Control Center, minimized apps and floating windows on the iPad, 3D Touch Speed Dial, uninstalling stock Apple apps (come on, like that will ever happen...), Dark UI for power-saving on future AMOLED screen iPhones, and redesigned Spotlight Search API with custom quick search actions.

Check out Ralph's iOS10 Wish List concept inside the slideshow and video below.

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