This app motivates you to exercise and eat healthy by paying you to get fit

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Money is the ultimate motivator. If you don't believe that, check out an app in the App Store and Google Play Store called Pact. With this app, you can earn money by fulfilling a "pact" to show up at the gym for a certain number of visits a week, and eating a specified amount of vegetables over the same seven days. Three times a week, you log what you eat.

Now here is the part that is brilliant. The money being awarded to those who follow their pacts to eat well and visit the gym will come from those who fail to live up to their pact to do the same. You can "prove" that you are visiting the gym by using GPS, and eating healthy by taking pictures of your meals. If you don't abide by your pact, you will be charged a pre-determined amount, and the money will be used toward paying those who were able to fulfill their healthy pact during the week.

So, is money an incentive? Consider that 95% of the app's members hit their goals, according to the developer. If you need to be motivated by the almighty dollar in order to stay fit and healthy, than Pact is the app for you. You'll be so concerned about having to pay for skipping the gym, or for having a Big Mac for lunch, that you will make sure that you are staying healthy.

To install for free on your iOS or Android phone, click on the appropriate sourcelink.

source: Pact (iOS|Android)

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