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This Russian woman snaps the most dangerous, but stunning, selfies


Taking selfies isn't all fun and games. Sure, there are those cute pictures with friends standing together with one pal always flashing the "peace" sign. But there is a dark side to the selfie world where some people seem compelled to put their life in danger for a picture. There was the guy who took a selfie with a rattlesnake and ended up in the hospital with a life threatening bite. Who can forget the woman who fell to her death while snapping a selfie, or the Indian teen who thought it would be cool to pose with a gun. Most of these escapades had a deadly result.

Still, there are some people who put themselves at risk over and over again in order to get a spectacular selfie. Take Angela Nikolau. With her photographer partner Ivan Kuznetsov, the pair have created some of the most stunning selfies. Scaling tall buildings is not a problem for them, and while just getting to some of these locations is dangerous enough, Nikolau doesn't simply sit and pose for a picture.

Nikolau will risk her life by walking on a tall narrow ledge in a long flowing dress. One misstep and it is all over. She also will do a back-bend from a location where one slip can be deadly. Viewers love to see her take chances. Her Instagram account now numbers 224,000 followers. Earlier this year, she climbed the world's tallest construction site, an achievement that was captured on the video at the top of this story.

We would like our readers to stay in one piece. Taking these selfies is something that Nikolau has obviously trained for, so don't try any of these risky selfies yourself. Be content with the photos you take with your friends, "peace" sign and all.

source:  @angela_nikolau via NDTV
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