Indian teen takes selfie with a gun, accidentally shoots himself to death

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Ever since the selfie fad started, there have been a number of cases where the person taking the selfie was killed accidentally. A couple involved taking a selfie with a snake. The latest incident took place in India, where 40% of global selfie deaths have taken place since 2014. Joining them was 15-year old Ramandeep Singh, who was posing for a selfie with a gun last Friday when the tragedy took place.

Singh accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the head, which resulted in his death. The gun was his father's .32 caliber pistol, and the safety was not on. The teen was taken to the hospital where he later succumbed to his wound.

Out of 49 selfie deaths that took place over the last three years, 19 of them took place in India. This had led authorities in Mumbai to put up "no-selfie zones." If anyone attempts to take a selfie in high-risk areas like the seafront, they will be stopped by the police.

Another country that is now proactive when it comes to selfie safety is Russia. The Ministry of Affairs of the Russian Federation has released a brochure that carries a description of several selfie deaths in the country. This is being done in an attempt to warn smartphone users about the dangers of taking high-risk selfies. You can check out some of these warnings by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: CNN via NewsBeatSocial

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