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Man takes selfie with snake, inevitable happens

Man takes selfie with snake, inevitable happens
We already know that the selfie craze has gotten out of hand. Not only has the selfie stick invaded the planet, we now have 13MP front-facing cameras, front-facing flash and beautification options all available in search of the perfect selfie. And ironically, one of the ingredients of a memorable selfie is finding someone or something that will pose with you in the picture.

Animals seem to be a popular choice. But be forewarned. Not every animal will quietly pose alongside of you. On a list of animals that you shouldn't take a selfie with, we would imagine that the rattlesnake would be high up on that list. But there will always be people like San Diego's Todd Fassler, willing to go to the extreme for a selfie.

Fassler had found a rattlesnake in the bushes over a year ago, and apparently decided to keep it as a pet. One day, like any ordinary day, Fassler decided to take a selfie with his "pet". He ended up getting life-threatening snake venom injected into his veins courtesy of the snake. Rushed to an area hospital, Doctors had to use all of the anti-venom stored at two hospitals in order for Fassler to recover. 

Fassler recently released the snake into the wild. And while he might not have been able to take a selfie that would have helped him remember his pet forever, at least he does have something that will always bring back the memory of his snake. That is the $153,161.25 hospital bill he incurred for a five-day stay.

source: KGTV via CNET
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