This Microsoft Mimicker Alarm app for Android wants to make sure you wake up in the morning

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Not happy with the alarm apps that are currently available on Android? Well, perhaps Microsoft can help you, as the company today released Mimicker Alarm: an app that wants to take waking you up in the morning to a new level.

Developed by Microsoft Garage (this is Microsoft's "outlet for experimental projects", and is also responsible for the Arrow Android launcher, among others), Mimicker Alarm may, at first, look like yet another alarm app. But it's got a unique feature: in order to make sure you wake up, it asks you to complete a game. The app relies on machine learning algorithms to provide three types of games: express yourself (you have to take a selfie to express a certain emotion), color capture (find something of a certain color and show it to the front facing camera), and tongue twister (you have to repeat a given complicated phrase). If you don't complete the game in due time (30 seconds), the app assumes you went back to sleep, and the alarm starts ringing again.

The new Microsoft app is available to download for free on Google Play - see the source link below. For now, it looks like Mimicker Alarm isn't compatible with too many devices (for example, it doesn't work on Nexus phones), but we assume Microsoft will soon fix this. Let us know if you're trying the application, will you?

source: Google Play via Microsoft Blogs, The Verge

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