Thieves fill victim's Dropbox with "boring sex" footage shot with stolen Galaxy S3

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Having your cloud storage account filled with photos of the thief that sneakily stole your smartphone is a modern day novelty. Still, if there's anything more disgusting than having your precious handset taken away, that's having your Dropbox littered with amateur porn starring the thieving couple. But that's only from the victim's perspective. Apparently, the man and woman who stole NYC resident Victoria Brodsky's Galaxy S3, found their act of crime highly arousing.

Soon after the couple snitched Mrs. Brodsky's wallet and phone while she was strolling on the crowded Brighton Beach Ave, intimate photos of theirs started turning up in her Dropbox. Perhaps the two were so busy doing the ol' rumpy-pumpy and documenting themselves, that the phone's automatic synchronization and back-up feature didn't occur to them until a week into it. Thus, every naked pic and vid they took landed in poor Mrs. Brodsky's account the second it was made.

Alas, there isn't a camera app in the world (yet) that can make a mundane sex life look even mildly exciting. Mrs. Brodsky seems to share our sentiments - she thinks that "Sex looks very boring" in the thieves' household. So irritatingly ordinary, in fact, that we decided to abstain from posting the SFW photos here, because they would merely defile our website's delightful looks.

The NYC police, too, doesn't consider the couple's lethargic sex-antics anything special. Apparently, the officers told WPIX-TV that the footage doesn't incriminate the couple as thieves. And filming bad domestic porn isn't prosecutable, either.

Anyway, if you are that interested in those yawn-worthy selfies, pay the source link a visit. Don't worry, you won't have to enter any filthy websites.

source: NYC via CNET

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