Check out the new baby Pokémon you can get after the Pokémon GO update

These are the new baby Pokémon you can get after the Pokémon GO update
Pokemon Go just got its first new batch of Generation 2 baby Pokemons hit the game since its inception. You can get them by walking around hatching eggs, and they are essentially the predecessors of a bunch of Pokemon you already know and caught. For instance, there is baby Pikachu called Pichu, or an Elekid, a tiny Electabuzz as a child.

Some hatch from 2km eggs, like Cleffa and Igglypuff, while for Pichu and Togepi you have to walk 5km, and for the rare Smoochum, Magby or Elekid it is a 10km egg you must hatch and cross fingers that's what comes out, so we doubt anyone has those yet.

There are all in all seven of those, which is a bit disappointing, but we are certain that Niantic will be adding more down the road, and it will be letting us catch them in the wild, too. In any case, if you are curious about the seven new critters that just popped up in the Pokemon Go universe, here they are, put an egg in an incubator, and try to get them.

  • Magby (baby Magmar)
  • Elekid, (baby Electabuzz)
  • Cleffa, (baby Clefairy)
  • Igglypuff, (baby Jigglypuff)
  • Pichu (baby Pikachu)
  • Smoochum (baby Jynx)

source: Forbes

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