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The quad-core Huawei Ascend D quad snapped

The quad-core Huawei Ascend D1 Q snapped
And the leaks keep coming from MWC mere hours before the official events. This time someone has managed to get a picture of the Huawei Ascend D1 Q cage, the handset Huawei was teasing us with a few days ago.

This is one of the few quad-core Tegra 3 phones that are paying a visit to the MWC 2012, and is Huawei's strongest effort for a qulaity smartphone so far. "The world's fastest smartphone. It flies" is the newest catchphrase Huawei has slapped under the device

"Designed from inside to outside to empower the user" and "Rational intuition, considered details" were the taglines that Huawei used before for its first quad-core phone, and be sure we will be at its event today to handle the Tegra 3 goodness, and relay our impressions to you. 

The most interesting tidbit we are waiting upon is the pricing details - I can haz quad-core on a budget, please?

source: ArnoudWokke (Twitter) via AllAboutPhones

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