The new TouchWiz themes app leaks out, here's how the skinned interface might look like

Here's how Samsung's new TouchWiz theming options might look like
Samsung TouchWiz interface is the main reason for disliking the company's Android handsets, according to our polls, and with a good reason - it is full of features, yet looks ragtag and not at all uniform like competing UIs. It is no doubt a daunting task to overhaul something that is so familiar to millions of Samsung handset owners, and the company will face the inevitable backlash when it finally gets around redrawing TouchWiz, but in the meantime there is an easy stopgap solution - theming options.

Themes are exactly what might be in store for future iterations of TouchWiz, judging from a leak earlier this week, and now we are getting some further proof themes might indeed be embedded there. As you can see from the screenshots below, purportedly from a beta iteration of the next TouchWiz editions, there is a Themes app, just like on Sony's Xperia smartphones, and it seemingly redresses the whole UI upon choosing the desired overlay. It looks like just a test build, and if/when this thing launches, there will probably be much more options to choose from, though.

Granted, third-party launchers have had this for a long while, but it's a nice way to breathe new life in an aging interface anyway, so we are all for it, as we are sure that there will be hundreds of themes to pick in no time, and some might even be awesome. What do you think?

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