The iPhone faints twice in new mindless but fun Pixel ad campaign

The iPhone faints twice in new mindless but fun Pixel campaign
Android companies like Samsung like to make fun of Apple for not having flashy features their phones possess. The latest company to do that is Google and though I am not exactly a fan of this kind of advertising, I have to admit the ads are really interesting.

Google has released five small ads as part of its #BestPhonesForever campaign. The videos show Pixel phones conversing with the iPhone 14 Pro and the theme is that Google's Pixel phones are far more capable than Apple's top smartphones and the iPhone feels inadequate in front of Google's phones.

In terms of shipment volume, iPhones are the second most popular smartphones in the world. Google's Pixel phones don't even come in the top five but they are surely making progress. Also, the iPhone has been around since 2007, while the first Pixel was released in 2016. 

Google's smartphones are more affordable than iPhones and also boast many clever speech recognition and photo processing features, which are made possible by the company's focus on AI and machine learning. Google also recently introduced its first foldable Pixel, while Apple is still resisting the trend.

In the new ads, Google is throwing shade at Apple by highlighting the features that iPhone users are missing out on. 

In the first ad titled Plateau, the iPhone says that the Pixel has stolen the limelight with features like Photo Unblur, Astrophotography, and Call Assist. Meanwhile, there is nothing unique about the iPhone except for the blue bubbles and the lightning charger.

In another ad, Google implies that the iPhone is not as safe as the Pixel when you are in a public place, because only Pixels come with a free VPN which protects you from hackers when you are connected to public WiFi.

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In the next ad called Lifesaver, Google boasts about the reverse wireless charging feature that the Pixel has that can be used to juice up other phones, including the iPhone.

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In the last ad, the iPhone nearly faints after the Pixel reveals that it can unfold into a bigger phone now.

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While the idea behind the campaign may sound a little childish and is more proof that, at least in terms of market share and brand image, Apple is far ahead of Google, the ads are well executed and fun to watch. 

Sometimes a little nonsense is more effective at getting your point across than pages and pages of press release and we are here for it. 

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