The future is now: Subway launches self-order kiosks, supports Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

What a time it is to be alive, when a man can order his sandwich with his phone, pay for it with his phone, and eat it... well, with his mouth. Fine, it's not divine, but at least it's convenient. Subway has just announced that it will be launching a restaurant redesign, dubbed “Fresh Forward”.

The new design will have special self-service monitors, where guests would be able to order their sandwich and pay for it with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, debit or credit card. Want to order even before you reach the restaurant? You'd be able to do that through Subway's app or its Facebook Messenger chat bot.

The Fresh Forward initiative will be piloted at 12 locations throughout the US, Canada, and UK — Tamarac, FL; Orlando, FL (2); Winter Park, FL; Chula Vista, CA; Knoxville, TN; Palmview, TX; Hillsboro, OR; Vancouver, WA; Beauport, QC; Granby, QC; and Manchester, U.K. Subway is boasting that its new "brand identity" (yeah, that had a slight re-design) will be rolling out worldwide by the end of 2017, but that doesn't tell us anything about its Apple Pay-supporting kiosks at this time. Hold out and see, we guess.

source: Subway via MacRumors



1. libra89

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2. superguy

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This is what a $15 an hour minimum wage gets you. To Subway's employees' credit, they at least get my sandwich right, unlike Wendy's, McDonald's, etc.

3. higeyuki

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What the heck are you on about minimum wage and automation. Here is an NYT Article dated in 1999 that talks about MCD testing self-serve systems. This goes WAY beyond minimum wage and has been a larger part of MCD's and other companies overall plans for years. 2tbDszU Or from the Chicago Tribune in 1993 about an automated fry maker. Automation has been a goal of many businesses for years. 2tBUUNa

4. L0n3n1nja

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First time I went to a burger joint and placed my own order on a machine was around 2009 when Minnesota had a $6.15 and Federal $7.25 minimum wage. Wal-Mart pays their employees so little a large portion of them are on government assistance and still they've replaced nearly all their cashiers with self checkout lines. This isn't due to the minimum wage increases, it's the fact that companies have been trying to replace workers for a long time because machines are cheaper and more reliable than the average human.

7. superguy

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Yes, you are both right in that it's been experimented with for awhile. I remember Taco Bell in the 90s experimenting with order kiosks in my hometown to take orders. Still had to pay a cashier, though, as debit cards were just beginning to come around. Point is, though, that we're going to see more and more of this when it comes to the unskilled labor jobs as labor costs continue to increase - especially with a quicker push to a higher minimum wage. With tech getting cheaper and people wanting more for menial tasks (many of which many of them struggle to get right anyway), I think we'll see the trend accelerate. Humans will always be around, though, as people would often rather deal with a person than a machine. Anecdotally, just looking at convenience stores that use automated checkout, I still see people (and I still do) waiting in line for a real person rather than deal with the machine. Same thing for checkout lines at stores - people are used for anything more than a few items.

5. Bernoulli

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Here in Europe (mostly France) one can do this already, I don't see why it's such a big deal.

6. MrShazam

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Nice, could be ordering fresh every now and then on my way to work...

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