The future features of the S60 interface

After the announcement of touch-screen support for the S60’s interface by Nokia, the manufacturer was accused of plagiarizing the iPhone’s multi-touch input system. But beside it, the interface includes some features, lacked by the Apple’s smartphone, such as the tactile feedback response, the silencing of the phone when ringing by flipping it on its face and stylus-based input.
And what is more, one of the Crave UK team had the chance to visit the Nokia’s research and development center and see the new technologies, the Finnish company is working on. The new touch-screen based interface will support handwriting recognition and sensors for adjusting the display, according to the detected position the device is being held in. Another capability allows for translating a foreign word, shot by the camera, but it is still in research phase. Probably the most amazing technology is the recognition of an object, staying on the focus of the camera as well as displaying the available information about it, which can be very useful while shopping. Another project in the process of development is the system for controlling the home devices by a mobile phone. The questions whether and when we will see these technologies are about to be answered in the close future.

source: Crave UK via Gizmodo

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