The X is a Frankenphone, see how Apple makes or breaks the fortunes of its suppliers


Spanning from Saudi Arabia to Taiwan, Apple's suppliers have been riding on the iPhone success or going through hard times in the past decade, depending on whether they are anointed with the kiss on the forehead called an iPhone component order. Nikkei just came out with an analysis of what the iPhone's 10th anniversary means for the Asian technology companies, and has made several infographics that showcase what a Frankenstein monster the iPhone X is, for example, created by tens of different suppliers' parts.
Apple has drastically reshaped Asian technology companies with its handset orders, but, despite the assumption that they've been nickel-and-dimed all along, the infographics shows how the participants have turned into real juggernauts in their respective spheres of influence. On the other hand, we have former Asian heavyweights like Sony, Acer or Nintendo, which have struggled ever since the iPhone put an easy to use computer in our pockets. About 70% of Apple's component suppliers are Asian companies, but not all can be well in paradise going forward, the report concludes.

source: Nikkei 

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