The Trump effect: the President tweets a 'Thank you!' to Samsung for plans to open US factory (update: not really)



1. Plasticsh1t

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Expect the prices to get doubled.

8. joey_sfb

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This is a great news for US and Trump give it a personal touch. I don't like Trump but you got to give credit when credit is due. Kudo to President Trump.

67. Highside

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Doubled? Dumbest post I've read.

37. TechieXP1969

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Samsung already has a factory here, unlike Apple. So that right there is a one up on our own American company. That's another rule I plan to make too when I buy. I don't care if you make products overseas as an American company. But as an American company you need to pass those savings off to me, which Apple doesn't; and you need to at least make a product here. Samsung is will to sell the Galaxy S, which is way better than the base iPhone, with better hardware more features and more co make, and yet are willing to take a hit on profits to compete in the US. That is what real courage is, not removing a stupid headphone jack. This is something Samsung can easily do and not pass off the cost to US consumers, because they make so many products, which could ore up any gaps. Samsung makes most of its money, making stuff for others vs selling its own products. This alone makes them about money to build more factories here and still keep cost roughly the same. Because the fact is, if Apple decides to bring factories here and then increase costs and Samsung keeps costs low, plus China also bring lower costing phones here, Appel won't have no choice to lower cost or they will see even bigger sales drops. We see this with the Mac. The only people who buy them are loyal followers. If a Mac cost the exact same as a Windows PC with the exact same hardware, they would sell more than 10M per year. But then, Apple's profits on the Mac would be even lower.

48. xondk

Posts: 1904; Member since: Mar 25, 2014 are right... how about that..I will gladly admit I did not know that.

47. xondk

Posts: 1904; Member since: Mar 25, 2014

If Samsung, or any producer really, can move to america and earn more money, even if production price doesn't rise, with full automation getting closer and closer, of course they do that as long as people are willing to pay.

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