The Shack to offer T-Mobile G2 for $149.99

The Shack to offer T-Mobile G2 for $149.99
Radio Shack tweeted today that it will be having the T-Mobile G2 for $149.99 on a two-year contract. That certainly beats Best Buy's pre-order offer for now, but we have the sneaking suspicion that Amazon will come away the price wars winner, so you might want to hold your horses for a while.

Radio Shack's $149.99 price is after an instant rebate, no murky $50 gift cards this time.

T-Mobile G2 Specifications

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2. tmobileforlife unregistered

I wanna wanna get this phone but i have the nexus one with my snap dragon processor i aint trying to take steps backwards and go to the 800mhz i would love to get the phone if it it had a 1ghz processor of any kind

1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

I told myself I'd never go bak to tmo. I told myself my nexus one would be my only android phone. I have froyo so ther wouldn't be any difference in what the G2 can offer me(doubt hspa+ speeds will come to my area for a long while) But I WANT THIS PHONE!! unlike the G1 this device is sexy. I don't even like physical qwerty keyboards but I like the one on this! I'm a slave to new toys I guess. Won't replace my iPhone but I think this Xmas it might replace my nexus1.

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