The Samsung Galaxy A series may get Infinity Displays starting next year


The Galaxy S8 and Note 8's Infinity Displays have been a somewhat divisive topic: while they certainly look great, there's a small but vocal minority of people who have usability concerns regarding Samsung's decision to make them curved on both sides. And that's okay, really: not everyone has to like the same things, right?

But those very same people may be quite unhappy with the following piece of news: a new rumor from a generally reliable source claims that Samsung win't be keeping its fancy new displays limited to flagships only for much longer:

So if this information is the real deal, 2018's Galaxy A crop may include at least one device with an Infinity Display of its own. We're placing our bets on the next generation Galaxy A7, or maybe even A9 (though Samsung seems to have skipped this particular model in 2017).

But seeing as how the A series is firmly placed in the mid range, one or more of the characteristics of the regular Infinity Display may not be present — the Galaxy S8 Active already did away with the curved edges, for example. Or even more likely is a lowered display resolution, as mid-rangers rarely offer much beyond Full HD.

And as it happens, we've already seen a similar move from LG — the LG Q6 is a capable mid-ranger featuring the same tall aspect ratio as the LG G6 — so given the two companies' intense rivalry, it would be no surprise if Samsung jumped on the same bandwagon. In any case, we'll have to wait for a while before we find out, as A series devices are traditionally released in the December-January period.

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