The LG G Pro 2 flash is better than the one of the Note 3?

LG G Pro 2 flash
You know how sometimes you capture a photo with your phone, and once the flash fires, you see that everything turned out blueish? LG tries to make sure this won't happen with the LG G Pro 2! At its booth, LG had a small demonstration of the G Pro 2's flash. Every time you take a pic with flash on, the phone actually captures two frames - one with a flash and one without; it then combines them to get one final photo which should have a better color accuracy. LG had the demo with the G Pro 2 next to a competitor - the Note 3 - and the results of the LG phone really were better, with less pronounced blueish hue. However, we wouldn't say they were perfectly toned either! Still, this is a neat idea and we are looking forward to testing it when we do our review of the LG G Pro 2. Meanwhile, what do you think of this feature? 

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