The Google Pixel and Pixel XL my be headed to AT&T in November

Verizon is currently the exclusive carrier of Google's new Pixel phones for the US, and although the Pixel and Pixel XL come unlocked, no matter where purchased from — be it through Verizon or Google directly — this exclusivity deal still managed to get some people marginally upset.

The two phones' exclusivity for Verizon may have only be timed, however, and the Google Pixel and Pixel XL may be headed to other major US carriers in the following weeks and months. According to Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central, the two Pixel phones will be coming to AT&T as soon as in the first week of November.

This possibility is only in the realm of hearsay at this point, and although it would make sense for Google to begin selling its first in-house developed smartphones through other carriers as well at some point, it may not be through AT&T and not as soon as suggested by Hildenbrand. Either way, if there is any merit to this rumor, we will surely hear more about it in the upcoming weeks, as November inches closer.

source: Jerry Hildenbrand (Twitter)


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