The Galaxy S22 throttling or overheating puzzle is not just Samsung’s doing, tip industry insiders

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The Galaxy S22 throttling and overheating is not just Samsung’s doing
Recently, Samsung had to apologize for throttling certain gaming, performance testing, and other apps on a list that include those that task the Galaxy S22 series Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Exynos 2200 chipsets too much.

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This could apparently lead to overheating and erratic peak performance bursts so Samsung decided to be on the safe side and throttle the phones' otherwise mighty powerful processing abilities a bit in the name of staying cool under pressure.

Korean industry insiders, however, are now advising that the problem is with the ARM-based processors in flagship Android phones itself. Their design can't be optimized the same way across multiple models and mobile OS versions in the same way Apple does with its ARM-based A-series chipsets that can be tailored towards the in-house iOS needs and desires.

While this doesn't really excuse phone makers that can add extra cooling solutions or energy management software, a bit of throttling seems inevitable, especially on top-end Android phones that have powerful chipsets that are made in uniform design that has to fit many different makes and models, like the ones Snapdragon or Exynos lines.

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