The Dream is real

The Dream is real
July 11th?  HA!  All of a sudden September 17th can't come soon enough.  Android chatter has definitely increased over the past month or so, with several analysts saying that the project is screwed and delayed well into next year, and Google continuing to reassure us that it is on track for a second half of 2008 release.  Well, as always, it seems Google was right all along as the HTC Dream has just garnered FCC approval.  As you might expect details are thin, but it looks to have a jogball, Wi-Fi and support for the WCDMA 1700 band T-Mobile uses.  Let the revolution commence.

source: FCC via Engadget Mobile



1. tfd/20091 unregistered

Cool but why T-Mobil

2. unregistered

Wow! Able to run on T-Mo's 3G network, AWESOME...NOT! lol

3. unregistered

because, as the smaller player, tmo (and sprint) are using product differentiation and open source platforms to draw customers. plus, a product is way too cool and non-revenue generating for the likes of iron-fisted carriers like att and vzw

5. unregistered

hahahaha, since VZW is on the "Open Network Alliance" and has already announced (nearly a year ago) it's open network allowing Non-VZW devizes on its network. hahahahahahahaha Nice

12. unregistered

verizon sucks tmobile for gsm sprint for cdma i go for the under dogs

13. unregistered

yeah, im glad i can activate those us cellular kyoceras. open platform ftw!

4. StarrWulfe unregistered

Please Phone Gods, please let this be a device that is QUAD-3G BANDED! Why, oh why are all the latest phones coming out that are either 900/2100 *OR* 850/1900 3G?! as for 1700-- half of that 3G implementation is actually in the 2100 band (the uplink portion I think.) I go between the US and Japan a lot so I need something that will work on these bands-- and having EDGE wont do-- for one, in Japan there is no 2.5G GSM/EDGE. Just WCDMA/UMTS at 2100. so any US version of anything coming out in the next cycle will not work because they won' t have that band in there at all. And something like the Omnia or Touch Pro will work in the US, but just at pokey EDGE speeds. Am I the only one here that cares? I want a 850/900/1700/1900/2100 3G phone I can take to any carrier anywhere in the world.

6. Anonymous unregistered

I can confirm that T-Mobile will be offering the HTC Android device in early-mid December just in time for the holidays.

7. unregistered

is it touchme touchscreen?

8. unregistered

ill wait till verizon completes its open access plans and good tested devices are availible for verizon.

9. unregistered

i ahve this already sid

10. unregistered

Isn't this being released as a new Sidekick? Or no?

14. unregistered

I had every service tmobile is the best i have 5 lines......................Doesnt get any better so quit hateing.........

15. unregistered

The poster wasn't hating, idiot.

11. ... unregistered

u guys are haters! just cause its not verizon, doesnt mean its not 100% cool

16. unregistered

if it is a dream how is it real

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