Google announced Android, open source mobile OS

Google announced Android, open source mobile OS

Today Google endedyears of speculation and announced its plans to enter the wirelessindustry. Google, along with 33 partners, have created the OpenHandset Alliance with the common goal of not only enabling handsetmakers and carriers to roll out technology faster, but also cheaper. There will be no gPhone, but instead Android, a linux-based mobileoperating system that will allow for “thousands of gPhones.” Notable partners include Sprint and T-Mobile on the carrier side,semiconductor partners Qualcomm, Nvidia, Broadcom, Texas Instrumentsand Intel and software companies include Google, eBay and PacketVideo (who powers Verizon’s VCast services.) The four handsetmanufacturers on board are HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Notableabsences to the alliance are Verizon Wireless, AT&T and tophandset manufacturer Nokia.

Android is “afully integrated mobile ‘software stack’ that consists ofan operating system, middleware, user-friendly interfaces andapplications.” It will have an emphasis on web browsing andwill be scalable, allowing for QWERY and traditional keypads, big andsmall screens, etc. The SDK will be released to developers nextweek, and the product is expected to hit the market in the secondhalf of 2008.

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1. unregistered

hmm. verizon and att are absent? That must mean that google wants some control on customizing phone OS w/ that linux. VZW wont allow it, and i guess ATT learned their lesson with the problems w/ apple's Iphone debacles.

2. Garb unregistered

So does this mean that andriod wont be available on Verizon Wireless handsets or will it act like linux and just be an installable OS?

3. unregistered

it is just going be a linux version of symbian os. then symbian is going to lose all of its partners to google. then google buys symbian....then they will buy palm. then the only mobile os will be microsoft, apple, and google.....

4. unregistered

and blackberry. you forgot about that

5. unregistered

most likely google will become the standard mobile os for all of the basic cellphone. as for the smart phones...well...that is a whole other story. as I can see it google will be the standard mobile os for basic phone, blackberry will be the business smart phone, apple will be multimedia smart phone, microsoft and symbian will be the good at business and multimedia but not perfect

6. unregistered

google has a long way to go before becomming 'standard". VZW will not allow any other systems on their phones. apple will only have its niche phones. blackberry will continue its pda dominance, and MS will constantly be 2nd best but most compatable with PC's until they get creative again.

7. Sprintmgr unregistered

No one else just excited about some google branded innovation in the souring arena that currently is mobile comm in the US? I personally don't care if VZ uses it or not, I just hope that this pushes the industry and the manufacturers to kick it up a notch. BB, MS, Apple are all great, but all proprietary and limited by the need to make money off their wares. Google wants to shake things up, and hopefully that is what they can pull off.

8. The-Virtual-CEO unregistered

It is high time that the model of free or discounted handsets in exchange for a pair of handcuffs was eliminated! This will eventually put carriers in line with the rules of November 2006 by the US Library of Congress' Copyright Office that found handset locking illegal and gave rise in part to the decisions to support the 700MHz Autions in Jan. 2008. Give us discounts on service if you cannot find your way out of the tired, msleading handset marketing you do now! We all know that a Verizon phone or and ATT Wireless phone are not really theirs. The finest phones produced in the world are available in outher countries but not here- thanks to the autocratic practices of carriers!!!

9. Pedro unregistered

From +12 yrs in the mobile handset industry I have learned that the underlying fundamentals rarly move rapidly when it comes to hardware which is in this case linked with software. It is more a likely that production capasity and market share of the major mobile hanset manufacturers will determine the outcome of Googles efforts to establish a standard OS. Do not forget that Motorola has resently bought back a large chunk of it's Symbian shares and that Samsung is commited to Windows and Symbian along with Android. Nokia and SE are likely to never back out from its Symbian efforts. It's good to have a new player on the ground, must make the European Mobile Operators dead frightened, Google means a free lunch. Cheers.

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