Is Nokia's PureView research behind the 40MP P20 Pro camera?

Nokia's PureView research may be behind the 40 MP camera on the Huawei P20 Pro
Now that we have one last confirmation that the P20 Pro flagship that Huawei is expected to unveil tomorrow will indeed have a tri-camera setup on the back, and one of the sensor's resolution will come at the whopping 40MP, it's time to pull back and say "wait, what?"

Apart from specialized cameras with phone functions, there's never been a handset with 40MP sensors, at least not in the modern era of slim and elegant smartphones in the Android-iOS duopoly. Looking back memory lane, however, we can think of at least two, all made with Nokia know-how, the 808 PureView, and the Lumia 1020. Those came with giant sensor sizes, however, making us wonder how may Huawei have fitted a 40MP camera in what seems to be a thin and light contemporary smartphone body.

Well, one needs to look no further than Huawei's R&D center in... you guessed it... Finland, the birthplace of Nokia. The research hub seemingly employs quite a lot of former Nokia mobile specialists, judging from their LinkedIn profiles. In addition, a few job announcements for Huawei's R&D center we quickly went through, are looking for "mobile" and "optics" specialists, indicating work on smartphone cameras may be picking up steam there as well. 

All in all, it will be pretty fascinating if Huawei tomorrow unveils an elegant handset with Nokia PureView camera origins, and we can't wait to pit it against all the Galaxies, iPhone and Pixels of this world.

source: Huawei, LinkedIn (1,2)

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