The 1stFone is a cute and colorful basic phone for kids

Although today's 4-year-olds are well capable of figuring out how an iPhone works, the ideal phone for little rascals shouldn't be smart. Because you know, kids don't need to check their emails all the time or anything like that. Instead, a basic phone for making good old-fashioned calls will suffice – a simple device that doesn't break easily and won't attract the attention of pickpockets. Well, a U.K.-based company called CyCell might have just the thing.

Introducing 1stFone – a simple, fool-proof phone meant to be used by children aged 4 to 9 years. It has no camera, no screen, and no advanced features whatsoever, but it is cute, lightweight, and its battery can last up to 1 year in stand-by. Instead of a keypad, the handset has a number of buttons – up to 12 of them, to be more specific, depending on the customer's needs. Phone numbers are assigned to each key at the time of purchase and the respective contact's name is printed on each button. Buyers have a ton of colors and designs to pick from, and an optional emergency button may be installed on the device as well.

The 1stFone can be ordered online for £55 ($85) with a service contract, but it is also available on a pay-as-you-go basis for £70 ($108). Variants of the device for seniors and those who just need a back-up phone are also available.

source: My Own Phone via Neowin



1. Nikolas.Oliver

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2. scriptwriter

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IF, i was gonna give a 4 year old a phone, 1. i wouldnt spend 55 quid on it, 2. it wouldnt be bright and colourful (this make it desireable. Its more likely to be stolen) and 3. Four year olds dont need phones as the only place they should be without a parent or guardian is in school. Also didnt this company release this phone a few months back aiming it at OAPs?

3. Astro551

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or you can get a Nokia 105.... for $20. a quarter the price and probably still not as desireable :L

4. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Even though iPhone wasn't made for kids or no KIDS SHOULDN'T own a iPhone or a phone. And don't think they would like this.

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