Thanks to Nokia Big Screen, you can now watch Nokia N8's media content on your TV

Thanks to Nokia Big Screen, you can now watch Nokia N8's media content on your TV
A new app called Nokia Big Screen gives you the chance to watch the media content on your Nokia N8 (and all future HDMI-ready Nokia phones) on any HD TV. Furthermore, you can connect the latest Nokia flagship model to your audio system and listen to music (including karaoke style), which basically makes your Nokia N8 a very portable media center.

All you have to do to enjoy these wonders is to install the app (it's free), connect your Nokia phone to an HDTV with an HDMI cable, after which the application will start automatically. Then, you can control it both with the on-screen pad, or by wirelessly connecting a Bluetooth keyboard/Wii Remote. To see this app in action, check the video below, but better yet, download Nokia Big Screen from the second source link.

source: Nokia Beta Labs and Nokia Beta Labs



1. Crystal unregistered

Wow. With the excellent video camera onboard this thing you can do wonders. There have already been a photography magazine cover pic made with N8, and official promo videos for bands.

2. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

Not practical. Instead of wasting their energy on this feature, they should have focused more on improving the n8's ui, RAM, internal memory, web browser, and processing speed. Those are the features that matters more on a phone, not hdmi output.

3. marc unregistered

whats wrong with the n8's internal memory? 16gb is way better then the competition and yes the browser is bad but theres a way better one comming out in a couple of days with better ram management and all. Speed wise the n8 copes with the likes of the galaxy s because it uses both the cpu and the powerfull gpu for the OS unlike android where the cpu only has to do all the work seeing that android isnt hardware accelarated. thats why android phones need 1ghz cpu's to run where symbian dont need that much its way better optimized and fyi the n8 will get the new symbian4 UI in the future cant wait!!!!!!

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