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Tetris passes the 100 million mobile download mark

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Tetris passes the 100 million mobile download mark
According to the companies behind Tetris, the 25 year old game has become the best selling mobile game of all time with more than 100 million paid downloads completed. Devised by a Russian programmer 25 years ago, the game first become popular on the mobile Nintendo Game Boy platform in 1989. Since then, Tetris has become a staple on most cellphone platforms including the iPhone, where it costs $5. Tetris is licensed to Electronic Art's EA mobile by Blue Planet Software. It is perfect for cellphone play with simple controls and its addictive game play and almost everyone has played it before so they know the rules. Will it take another 25 years for the next 100 million downloads? The game appeals to people of all age groups and is available in 60 countries to 64,000 different handsets with 20% of them being smartphones.

source: Yahoo via Physorg

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