Teen interest in Nokia fading?

Teen interest in Nokia fading?
A poll by the Habbo Hotel website shows teens are rapidly losing interest in Nokia cell phones. More than 112 000 young people aged 13 to 16 took part in a survey that revealed that less than 21% of them were interested in getting a Nokia phone as opposed to over 29% last year. Customer opinion in India and China was not surveyed though, where Nokia is still leading the pack on the cell phone market. Analysts at leading companies have already voiced their opinion - Carolina Milanesi with Gartner Research is convinced the drastic slump in popularity is mainly due to the lack of attractive offers by the manufacturer at the moment, while another one with GC Research claims the reason behind the staggering figure is the manufacturer doesn´t have enough midrange cell phones in their product portfolio, especially when it comes to touch sensitive screen handsets like the Samsung´s Preston S5600 and Star S5230 or and LG´s Cookie KP500.

Despite the fact Nokia seems to have lost market position, it still remains the leading cell phone provider worldwide. Can another manufacturer take the lead and deprive Nokia of the crown we wonder.

Source: Reuters



1. souleater93

Posts: 86; Member since: Mar 20, 2009

i'm 16 and i have to say nokia cellphones aren't that good on verizon. Also i don't like them because they seem outdated in design such as low megapixel cameras and they keep the same style over a long period of time instead of updating the style ever few years they only upgrade the memory and maybe the camera.

2. flipsijay unregistered

my first nokia phone was a nokia 3390 and then now im currently using samsung eternity (sucks). i got this cuz its buy 1 get one free. LOL! yes nokia are expensive but theyre nice and popular in other countries such as the philippines. im still planning to buy a nokia phone but idunno which one. keep up the good work nokia.

3. illusionado unregistered

Still N95 is the best and well known handset of nokia..becoz of the hardware and a big leap for year 2007 with 5mp camphone. N97 for me will not bring success. Maybe the n82 successor will sometime go out and show that Nokia is still number one in innovations and features.

4. MTLance unregistered

Overall about Nokia is that they should not get lazy on designing new stuffs and get some serious tech loaded on a phone for god sake. N97 is from N95, E75 sucks compared to E71 (Not cool because I don't see any smartphone I liked from Nokia). E91? Uh I rather have one of those OS at the bottom. Symbian is in danger right now thanks to major Smartphone wars coming soon, i.e. Win Mobile 6.5, Android 1.5/2.0?, WebOS, and finally iPhone OS3. Wake up already Nokia.

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