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Ok, you just purchased the Apple iPhone X and this gorgeous device is in your hand, booted up and ready to go. Now what? Because there is no home button on the handset, you are going to have to learn some new gestures. This is all mentioned in a video just released today by Apple that presents a guided tour of the tenth anniversary iPhone. Simple gestures are shown such as swiping up to go home, and sliding down on the screen for notifications. Other gestures show you which apps you have open, or will take you to the control center.

The video also reveals how to setup Face ID, which is done by rotating your head in a circle while looking at the front-facing camera. And as we've pointed out before, the facial recognition system will work even if you grow a beard (not recommended for female iPhone X owners), cut off your beard, change your hairstyle, or even if you don certain sunglasses. All it takes to unlock the device is a quick glance followed by a swipe up to get home. As the video shows, you can glance and swipe "all in one motion." Apple Pay purchases are verified with a double press of the side button, and a glance at the screen while the phone is held near the POS terminal.

The guided tour includes information about how you can become an Animoji, which is an animated character that mirrors your facial expressions. Lastly, Portrait Lighting is discussed. On the iPhone X, both the rear and front-facing cameras allow you to choose from five different effects when snapping a portrait or a selfie. The video explains how this is done.

There is much about the Apple iPhone X that is new, and not necessarily intuitive. If you just bought the device, you might want to bookmark this story so that you can view this video quickly, when you need it.

source: Apple

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